Half-Life: Visitors


Black Mesa Chill Out

The Black Mesa 'Chill Out Area' evolved over a period of time and went through a change along the way. It started life as a biological plant within the main facility, and was used to cultivate and grow plants to provide food for the herbivorous species there. As the scientists worked they discovered an unusual calmative effect from the crepuscular lights over the plants. The architect responsible for the plant facility in discussion with the scientists changed the plans entirely, and so grew a kind of park within the underground facility, to enhance the quality of life for the personnel working there.

The original metal grids were replaced with wooden footbridges and walkways created. Benches were placed around and sounds were introduced from frogs and birds. The area has since grown and changed beyond recognition. First it was decided to create a new plant purely for harvesting at a lower level, and other plants were introduced and cultivated for their beauty and aroma's, making it as close to real nature as possible to provide this rich relaxation area for the workers.

The only drawback so far is that as the original chill out area was beside the Black Mesa Biodomes and therefore underground. This means only the scientists working at these deep levels can use the chill out area. It is hoped that soon these 'Chill Out Area's' will be reproduced on many levels including the surface.

The very first map on paper (2002). It took more than 24 hours to compile this map. That's the reason why we never changed a mistake hidden in this map. There it says, that Half-Life: Visitors takes place in 1998, but this was the release date of Half-Life. Actually Half-Life: Visitors takes place on the 5th may 2000.

Of course there are some secrets embedded in Half-Life: Visitors. But there is one secret place which has nothing to do with the game. It was just fun to put it in and see who will find it. It is possible to get there by a normal way, although it is not very logical. There will be another movie of all the other secrets of Half-Life: Visitors, soon.


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